Holding_HandsThis is just your average boy meets girl, they become friends then lose touch only to meet up again 17 years later and decide to start a new life together in a completely different country.

Lea was a teacher at Mindarie Senior College and moved to Mauritius in December 2008.  For five years she has acted as the sane one in the office, mother to all staff and manager of all the bits nobody else feels like doing.

PK started an IT Consulting Business in Mauritius and moved there in September 2008.  Despite travelling half way around the world Lea did manage to find him.  Lea spent her life less than 3m away from him.

Lea and PK in true IT nerd fashion got engaged via Blackberry messenger despite sitting across the table from each other and married in June 2011.  PK has managed to bring out the inner nerd within Lea who is now rarely without her iPhone or iPad.

They lived in a house 4 minutes walk from the beach in St Antoine with Holly, Daisy and Giselle (the ex office) dogs and Ivy, Cifa and Polly cats.  Oh and that’s not including the other 3 stray dogs at the office.

A very big decision at the end of 2013 saw them both move, with the six pets, back to Perth.

PK went back into the mining industry for a few years while Lea beavered away doing an MBA and decided the life of a perpetual student was pretty good and has decided to now do a doctorate.  Dr Lea has a ring to it.

PK is trying to work out what to do next although he has found a passion for Python and Django and so some web apps are in the pipeline.