Well I have landed in Mauritius.  Got here in late August and have just really been quite slack at writing anything down.  Will have to get motivated.  It did take me a while to migrate over the site to the new hosting company so I have a partial excuse.

It was my birthday yesterday.  It was sad being so far from L and Son 2 but I celebrated by going out for a few beers.  We went to some hotel in Port Louis and then Buddha Bar, Zanzibar and Les Enfant Terrible.  It was a good night.  That was Friday and so Saturday was spent relaxing around the house.  Judy made a Chocolate birthday cake which we ate with much gusto after dinner.

Hmmmm just back from Super-U in Grand Bay.  Have to remember that it shuts at 1.30pm on Sundays and so not much point turning up there at 4.00pm.  For some reason I thought it opened later.  Now I will have to think up something else for dinner.  I was going to make mum’s Special Chinese Beef.. hmmm…

Now let’s just post this and see if you can actually read it on internet explorer.  There seems to be a problem that it is not showing on IE.