(Copied from old site dated May 2008)

L has been discovering what happens when you tell people about things that are outside of their scope of reference.

To most teachers, the concept of moving overseas to a tropical island is just a dream that most will never reach. Not because they can’t but generally because they don’t know how to. Or they make a thousand excuses as to why it could never happen. As a consequence, their eyes glaze over when she starts to tell them about her future life.

I have come across this before when I was working in mining. Most people could not comprehend a move to Uganda to live on the Congo border for a few years. I have to say it was one of the best experiences of my life. I am sure L will also find that as her horizons expand. Not that she hasn’t travelled but living somewhere and travelling there are two different worlds apart, especially as she also have a firm role to play in our success.

It seems that the business is coming together and growing legs which is great. I have pretty well arranged our first four staff members. They will form our core nucleus in moving forward. It has been busy busy busy researching, setting up and trying maintain sanity during this start up phase.

I am constantly reminded a quote an old boss of mine used to use…. “we remain poised for great things to happen!”