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And then the eyes glaze over…….

(Copied from old site dated May 2008) L has been discovering what happens when you tell people about things that are outside of their scope of reference. To most teachers, the concept of moving overseas to a tropical island is just a dream that most will never reach. Not because they can’t but generally because they don’t know how to. Or they make a thousand excuses as to why it could never happen. As a consequence, their eyes glaze over when she starts to tell them about her future life. I have come across this before when I was...

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Hello World (again)

Just an intro – Copied from our old site – April 2008   Hi Everyone, We have a lot happening over the next year and this might be a great way for all you people in cyber land to keep up with what we are up to. Over the next year WE will be leaving Perth, moving to Mauritius to live, building up our business, travelling and adventuring. With luck this will be a record of the funny things we find and see and do. Stay Tuned, L &...

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