Every day we are woken by the patter of little feet …. and the purrs. Every day we are entertained (or annoyed) by the antics of the kitten called Polly, aka Killer.

But first a brief history. PK was away – and as often happens when he is away – the animal family grows. I was meeting a friend and got a little lost driving there, so I pulled over to the side of the road to consult my Iphone map. As I looked up, I saw a tiny weeny creature wobbling its way across the main road and up the centre of the side road. It sat in the middle and whilst I couldn’t hear the noises, I could see its little mouth calling out. A motorbike cruised past – barely a glance given to the little creature sitting the the middle of the road. A man on a bicycle glided passed slowly, with the cyclist kicking out his foot to shoo it away. A car passed – swerving at the last minute. I couldn’t take it any more. So out I got and picked up the stinking manky looking kitten. No-one wanted anything to do with it – gesturing, shooing me to take it away from them as quickly as possible. So into the car, into a towel I happened to have in the back and I was back on my way.

After my visit with the friend, I headed home – the kitten comfortably wrapped up in the towel still, purring away happily. She was a tiny thing as small as my palm, with a mangy coat and wonky eye, stinking of rotten fish…someone had thrown her out with the rubbish I was sure (as often happens here) – but how on all earth has she survived?

At home I washed her & fed her. I introduced her to the three dogs with some reservations about diseases that she could give my girls…but I figured, my girls were all vaccinated so they should be okay. I placed the little kitten on the floor and immediately the 3 dogs surrounded her sniffing and poking until I thought they would sniff off what little fur she had. Giselle the ex office stray dog would not leave her alone – her behaviour was so maternal – it was so touching to see. Holly’s attention faded fast as often it does now she’s old and Daisy the cane dog – was a bit nippy with her to the point I was concerned she would think it was a rat and kill her. Who would have thought that the one dog I had most concerns about would become her most devoted, loving and tolerant “parent”.

Now Polly’s 6 months old and of all the cats, the most vocal in both “talking” and purring. We are convinced she believes she is a puppy & her talking is like what the dogs do – the noises she makes are certainly nothing like the other cats’ noises. To this day we have never heard her hiss or spit like other cats and she purrs more and louder than the other two do. She has all the dogs completely under her control and is probably the ring leader in any naughty behaviour that they are involved in. She plays with anything and is into everything…we can see where the saying “curiosity killed the cat” comes from. Everything we do, has to be checked out – washing dishes, Polly is there sitting under my arms watching what I’m doing; in the shower, Polly sits with her head around the curtain and sometimes wanders into the shower; putting clothes into the washing machine and she’s in there too checking it all out. Have you ever tried getting dressed with a kitten inside your clothes? and don’t ask what she does when you go to the toilet…

She drives us insane with her ninja jumping & stalking practice on and in the bed as well as her midnight pre-killing sprees when she brings in live presents for us to chase (I’m sure she’s laughing at our expense) – purring all the time – just before she kills them. She licks and kneads and purrs and snuggles. She does embarrassing things like putting holes in all the rolls of toilet papers or dragging the toilet brush around the house, usually when we have guests. She does the funniest things like crawling around under the mat and jumping out in a “stick em up” front paws in the air move that freaks out the other cats and makes us laugh on a daily basis. I just can’t understand how people can throw away a life like this and bare no guilt when our simple act of kindness has brought us a thousand fold amount of joy (not that the other girls don’t !).

“Those who make compassion an essential part of their lives find the joy of life. Kindness deepens the spirit and produces rewards that cannot be completely explained in words. It is an experience more powerful than words. To become acquainted with kindness one must be prepared to learn new things and feel new feelings. Kindness is more than a philosophy of the mind. It is a philosophy of the spirit.” – Robert J Furey