I am following a person called Claire Diaz-Ortiz, who works for Twitter & writes blogs & books & a whole bunch of stuff and on one of her blogs, she talked about an idea of creating a word of the year.

One word to inform and synthesize the year ahead of you. One word that will hopefully reflect everything that you want 2013 to be – a word to help you remained focussed and guide you in tough times.

Her word is REST. She has a busy travel schedule and she’s hoping that her word will help her when difficult choices arise and will bring positive changes into her life.

I took a lot of time to think about my word before I decided.

My word for 2013 is GROWTH.

I want 2013 to be the year of growth for the company and my word is there to help push me to contributing to its growth.

But this word also implies new growth – like Spring – and new beginnings. I want 2013 to be that – not just for us as a company and business partners but also for us as life partners and for me, as a individual.

I would like to work on my personal growth – like learning something new – doing more professional learning – making my relationship with my husband even better than it already is.

I wasn’t really sure what to focus on & although Hubby is so enthusiastic about the programming course he’s learning to do, it’s just not my thing. So I started reading – other people’s blogs, on marketing, blogging strategies & social media as well as leadership & development and then other topics that really didn’t hold my attention.

As we are nearing the middle of the year (& Son1’s 22nd Birthday!!) I feel I am well on my way to achieving “growth”…soon I will have to start thinking of next year’s word…