I heard the funniest joke today.  We went and looked at a place near Super U on Friday.  It is about 160 sqm, above the tourist markets.  The real estate agent came back with 120,000 MUR.  We can rent a place over looking the water on Grand Bay for that much.  Strangely, when I laughed in the guy’s face, he managed to ring back in 15 minutes and thinks we can get maybe 40 or 50k a month knocked off it.  It sounds very much like the real estate agents are trying to rip us off.  The agent we were dealing with tried to even justify the price by pointing out the parking.  Weird.  What is funnier is that a restaurant is taking up the other side of the floor.  They, in fact, have about 60 percent of the floor while we could have the rest.  That would mean they are paying close to 150,000.  I really can’t see a restaurant paying around USD5,000 per month.  I can imagine them paying maybe 1 or even at a push 2.  It has really made me think we just rent a house and use that.

Apart from that today had its ups and downs.  I managed to ring mum just after Son 2 had gone to bed.  Will have to ring him tomorrow.  I was ringing to ask her if she had any idea where in a supermarket I could find some bicarb soda.  I needed it for cooking and couldn’t find it anywhere.  I ended using baking soda and it seemed to do the same thing.  We have been trying to work out as well what Lemongrass is called here.  When you ask anyone they point to what I thought was lemongrass and call it Citronele.  To keep the mozzies away.  I thought citronella was a plant with leaves.  This might be another call to mum to ask her how do I tell if it really is lemon grass or citronella?  I did speak to L and she mentioned she stood next to my old business partner in the queue when picking up Son 1.  He didn’t recognise her but it was nice to know he was looking dreadful.

Watched another four episodes of The Shield tonight.  It is a great show.

Oh well it is almost 1am so I had better go.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.