Our Word for 2018



Word for the Year

2017 is now a nearly a month behind us and gratefully so, having ended on such a low point.


Calm was a very appropriate word and right to the last day of the year, helping us both to maintain self-control and presence of mind to manage a difficult situation.

And so we began 2018, roughed up a bit, a little disheartened, disillusioned even…but still with the belief that together we can overcome anything…and with that in mind, we chose our word for 2018 – Renew.

Norzowa Onsen, Japan, 2018


Each day is renewed with the new dawn…

Together we can do anything

2018 will be a significant year for renewal – beginning the year again in new roles, exploring new business opportunities – restoring our faith in others, establishing positive new relationships & resuming positive old ones – reinvigorating and revitalising ourselves with improved health and wealth focus and celebrating ten years together, reaffirming our commitment to and belief that we are better together than alone.

2018 is our year to get that renewed lease on life.