Are we missing romance in our lives nowadays? Have we become romance-intolerants with no songs, no poetry, no boombox held on shoulders beneath our windows but only messages beeping into our life across the table? Is the love affair really with our phones. Perhaps Apple thinks with the inclusion of the kiss and beating heart text features they can try to encourage the romantic side of our digital selves.

Years ago I was totally against mobile phones – an expensive, waste of time that I didn’t need …then I got one and ok, it was pretty handy (actually bought it at the time when partner was in for surgery so the hospital could contact me if required). But I had no-one to text to, as no-one I knew had a mobile, that they looked at or used anyway, so it did prove to be an expensive waste of time. but I continued to pinball along in the age of technology.

Then I upgraded – in a glorious, praise-be-to-god-like fashion – from the cheap Nokia flip phone which I loved to a “smart phone”….a Blackberry! I didn’t know what to do with myself with all the features that this incredible, amazing, technologically- advanced phone offered – like Messenger, photos, games and singtones (ringtones that you can sing to) and, of course, the ability to google …so many things to use, so little time….

But despite being proposed to by BB Messenger – the most romantically nerdy of all gestures – it is the return to the old fashioned expressions of love that make my heart beat faster and that bladder close to my eyes fills to overflowing…the poems, the songs, the small gestures that show that that other person cares very deeply. Regularly my husband calls my mobile, at random times during the day…”I just called… to say…. I love you” he croons whether I answer in person or not. It brings tears to my eyes every time and not because of the untrained singing voice.

Whilst travelling he wrote me a book of thoughts – one thought per page – that expresses how he was feeling and what he was thinking at that moment…at a time when we were fortifying our relationship from the ravishes of wasted friendships, disappointments and struggles. It is one of my most precious possessions…as it reminds me of the romance and uniqueness of our relationship, the strength it gained through endured hardships and the person I love.

I tried to replicate the romantic gesture of a book on our February monthiversary last year with some photos of my key romantic moments with appropriate sentiments, and whilst sentimental and sweet, it seems to be lacking the original’s spontaneity and raw romance.

So it’s back to the phone (I-phone 7 & new iOS 10) with its funky kisses and beating hearts to declare my love for my love…