Yes the countdown is well and truly happening!

We have moved into a great house in Calodyn and L will join Son 1 and me in 35 sleeps.  We have a superb view of the ocean and the beach is only 2 mins walk.  It is on a big block and so far so good.  We managed to get internet on thru Emtel in only 72 hours which I think is a record in most countries.  Of course, if we had waited around for MT we would still be waiting for a phone line.

The furry ones will be leaving arriving into Mauritius in a week and Son 1 and I have to be there early to make sure they arrive safely.  I am sure L will be waiting anxiously for our call.  We are now just trying to work out where we meet them etc.

Keeping fingers crossed for Son 2 who has his tonsils and adnoids and grommets out tomorrow.   L is going to go and see him in hospital.  Both Son 1 and I have spoken to him today and the brave little boy is more excited than anything about spending a night in hospital.  Ok, sometimes he can be a weird little boy (meant in a nice way, of course).  Hmm I miss him a lot but now we have internet I can at least chat to him again.

Herb and Ziggy and Matt are also in country.  So our little team is finally here.  A presentation tomorrow and then some more negotiating for some work in Melbourne.  All the little bits help at the moment.

Keep fingers crossed for us.