For the past few years I have followed Claire Diaz-Ortiz in choosing a word to represent the year’s goals or focus. She said she saw it on someone else’s blog somewhere but there are plenty of other websites that also promote the idea of a single word for the year such as and It’s become the new “New Year’s Resolutions” alternative – less of a burden, less guilt-ridden and more positive in its application. It takes commitment, but your one word can shape not only your year, but also you. It can become the compass that directs your decisions and guides your steps. I have had Growth (2013), Rejuvenate (2014) and Discovery (2015).

2016 is anticipated to be a busy but productive year – some travel, more study, house renovations and planning for the move to Singapore, so more than anything I will need to be systematic, well-organised, methodical in my planning and especially focussed. It will be the year where my time management skills will be probably pushed to their limits and I’m sure that some of the best-made plans will succumb to Murphy’s Law so I will need to adaptable and flexible as well. It will be a year where Paul will need all my support and help to get through what will be a chaotic year for him also. I’m sure the year will hold some other challenges that we can’t anticipate, as there usually are but hopefully they will only be speed bumps not mountains.

2016 will be the year that we need to celebrate the small moments between the grand achievements. My word needs to reflect this and help me focus on these as our lives are made up more of these than the big events – the day-to-day joyous seconds when Cifa wraps her paws around my neck, when Giselle hugs me with her big brown eyes, when the gardenia scents the night air with its sweetness, when my husband looks at me with love and smiles.

2016 will be a METICULOUS year.